5. 12. – 19. 12. 2011

Exhibition of original photographs by Alexander Rodchenko (1891 – 1956), a photographer, sculptor, artist and graphic designer, one of the most universal representatives of constructivism, productivism and journalistic photography. The exhibition takes place within a design and art presentation Rodchenko120Fest. The curator of the exhibition is Alexander Lavrentyev.
Portraits of representatives of the creative group LEF (Left Front), as seen by Alexander Rodchenko, will be jointly presented just at this exhibition for the first time. Photographs show the representatives of Russian avant-garde – artists Lyubov Popova, Varvara Styepanova, Alexander Shevtchenko and Alexander Rodchenko, writers Vladimir Mayakovsky, Serguej Tretyakov, Nikolay Aseyev, Lili and Osip Brik, film-makers Esfir Shubo, Alexander Chochlov and Lev Kuleshov and architect Alexander Tyesnin. The exhibition presents portraits from 1924 – 1928; the portrait of Rodchenko of 1922 was made by Michail Kaufman. The photographs have been made by Alexander Lavrentyev, the grandson of Rodchenko, on the basis of original films and glass plates from 1920-ties.