Jošt Dolinšek (SI), Justyna Górniak (PL), Dominik Wojciechowski (PL), Lisa Grosskopf (AUT), Anna Hornik (PL), Tereza Kozinc (SI), Nik Erik Neubauer (SI), Lujza Hevesi Szabó (HU), Ľuboš Kotlár (SK), Jakub Stanek (PL)


16. 7. – 21. 8. 2021

The group exhibition of the 8th edition of the Different Worlds 2020 open call showcases the selection of projects by ten finalists of the Photon Gallery photography competition held in Slovenia for young emerging artists in the field of contemporary art photography in the CEE region. The call has no specific theme or topic, hence the jury favours works which exhibit originality, unconventionality, and innovation both in their formal approach and in regard to the selected themes and concepts. The show presents an insight into the latest trends and tendencies in contemporary photography in this region. This year’s selection includes projects that reflect the uncertainty of today’s world and the time we live in. In the individual series, this is mirrored either in the conceptually abstract approach to a particular theme or in surrealism, absurdity, humour and illusion. Different Worlds covers a wide range of topics – from current global issues such as the climate crisis (Jošt Dolinek, Jakub Stanek) or political conflicts (Justyna Górniak) through personal narratives told in the form of a New Documentary (Dominik Wojciechowski, Anna Hornik, Lujza Hevesi Szabó), specific examination of the public space (Lisa Grosskopf, Nik Erik Neubauer) to suggestive artistic projects (Tereza Kozinc, Ľuboš Kotlár). The exhibition is based on the collaboration of Galerie Fotografic and the Slovenian Photon Gallery and its director and chief curator Dejan Sluga.

Video tour of the Different Worlds exhibition in Photon Gallery in Ljubljana