Denisa Dimitrovová, Alžběta Kočvarová, Pavel Matoušek


26. 2. – 13. 3. + 12. 5. – 13. 6. 2020

The photographic series In the Garden captures men in vague situations constantly cultivating their gardens. It is not a documentary as we know it, it has no ambition to capture pomposity or uniqueness. On the contrary, it tries to avoid them. Banal photographs of men in gardens push the boundaries of documentary towards a game with visuality and exaggerated reflection on existence and the flow of life. The series captures this particular blend of absurdity, aimlessness, humor and existentiality. Images that we would not even pay attention to in normal life turn into
a bizarre scenery and force us to ask many questions.
In addition to the interest of the magical reality of life outside the city, the artists are connected by their graduating from the Photography Studio at Faculty of Art and Design UJEP in Ústí nad Labem. They live and work in Prague, Ústí nad Labem and České Budějovice. / /

FOTOGRAFIC STARTUP is a platform focused on the presentation of works of emerging artists — many of whom are still students or fresh graduates. Presentation under this platform might then become a pivotal point in their artistic career.

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