OPENING: 28. 5. 2024 AT 7PM
EXHIBITION: 29. 5. – 20. 7. 2024

Why look into the cameras, There is something wrong with these clouds, Depth of photography, Metaphotography.
Portraits of industrial cameras captured on various sizes of instant materials, printed polaroids of the generated image, augmented reality videos encoded on 100% chemical background. The multi-layered project METANOIA by Slovak photographer Emma Lančaričová consists of several elaborate sub-projects that explore the most contemporary placement of photographic medium through analogue experimentation.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping our understanding of the photographer as an image maker. Algorithms continuously influence the conception of our perception of the technical imagery. Billions of photographs stored somewhere in the cloud, along with the sheer size of data centres, distort traditional perceptions of the physicality of photography.
Lančaričová’s exhibition project, a culmination of her doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, raises the question of what the medium of photography is today from a variety of angles and using a variety of technical and ideological approaches, and it underscores the importance of discussing the transformations within new media
Ema Lančaričová (*1993) studied at the Department of Photography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She has presented her work in solo exhibitions at major institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and has participated in group exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe and Japan. www.emalancaricova.com

curators: Tereza Bonaventurová, Martin Fojtek