Guided Tour of Andrea Sobotkova's exhibition in Fotografic


Thursday 18. 7. od 17h / entrance fee voluntary

We cordially invite you to the artist guided tour of Andrea Sobotkova’s unique exhibition in the Fotografic Gallery! The artist will personally reveal the details of the extensive project materializing the subconscious dreaming process and mapping the places where one falls in dreams. She will describe as well why she decided to radically change the spatial character of the whole gallery. How does our perception of space change when the gallery floor level has been risen by one meter? Is it possible to use the video from the camera on the chimney edge and screen it below the ground level to experience that critical moment of falling from the dream again?

The guided tour will also include a screening of the experimental film A state of mind: Free fall, which is a part of Andrea’s project and was also screened at the IDFF Ji.hlava last year. facebook event