Jan Dyntera opening at Fotografic gallery

GUIDED TOUR: Jan Dyntera

26. 4. 2018 at 5 pm / entry voluntary

How to move forward? How to make butter and lose thighs? What do the most popular search terms on the internet tell about us? How much do we trust online sources including fake news? And how could the internet look like in the future?

We cordially invite you to the artist guided tour of our current show How to move forward at Fotografic on Thu 26 April at 5pm. Jan Dyntera will reveal the technological aspects of the creation of his unique photographs, the sophisticated way he combines digital and analogue media, or his motivation to abstract visual information from Internet search. He will offer the reflection of the role Internet plays in our lives, as well as how much we trust it and what we expect from it. Those are the questions that do not have simple answers, so lively discussion is to be expected. www.dyntera.com