3. – 31. 12. 2020

A T-shirt from Taiwan, felt slippers from Tyrol, wine from Australia – ordered today and delivered to your door tomorrow. Never before have commodities been shifted so fast and so far around the world as they are being today. How is this even possible? What infrastructure does it require? Henrik Spohler’s project, In Between, investigates the transit sites that are essential to this worldwide stream of commodities, yet are almost never seen by consumers: the freight areas of airports, the labyrinths of railway tracks, the warehouses of international haulage contractors or the container terminals of seaports.
Photographed in six different countries, these difficult-to-access areas are tailored to economic needs only; all individuality has been rationalized away without the possibility of determining in which country or continent they are located. These visually interchangeable zones develop an aesthetic of their very own that oscillates between clear structure and an almost meditative monotony and create a seemingly fictional nameless realm of pure functionality. The resulting photographic series then offer captivating minimalist images as well as an important message.
Henrik Spohler (* 1965) studied at the Folkwang School / University in Essen. He is currently a professor of photography at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin. He has exhibited throughout Germany, Australia, China, South Korea and New York. He lives and works in Hamburg. www.henrikspohler.de

This exhibition is held in cooperation with the PHOTONEWS magazine from Hamburg and is specially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.

Article at Respekt magazine / Interview for Radio Wave / Article at Seznamzpravy