26. 6. – 15. 8. 2012

The IMG_SRC collective was founded in 2009 as a core of artists sharing a same fascination for technological developments from the past, present and future. E.g. exposing mechanisms, hiding robotics under a human skin, referring to digital media, future technologies or worldviews through drawings. Through the years, IMG_SRC has developped into an attractive Lab for creation and discussion with fellow artists & scientists. It has got its own gallery in Utrecht [NL] since 2011. The work featured at Fotografic is from the core artists & musician: Julie Dassaud (1976, FR/NL) – drawings and photography, Jorrit Paaijmans (1979, NL) – drawings, Jennifer Townley (1983, NL) – machine, Thijs Wieman (1977, NL) – sculpture and robotics, Pierre Estourgie a.k.a. ASP (1975, NL) – analogic sound project.