26. 3. – 30. 4. 2010

“In 1998 I painted six yellow portraits of women – my friends and me – as the reflection of a feministic period in my artwork. I wanted to portray „us“ women; not like beauties, bodies or sex objects, but like we really are. I wanted to paint the portrait of soul rather than outward appearance. I used a cold yellow for the monochromatic faces; all six women stare at viewers with their reddish eyes. Last year I mused over those portraits again. Past ten years left some traces in our lives and on our faces, when each of us fought with different issues, in different ways. But still, there are so many things in our lives putting us together and so much we all have in common. I feel a strong „sisterhood“ with my women friends. I even started to portray them again – in the way as I feel it nowadays. It had taken more than six months before I suddenly knew how to do it this time. The faces are now bluish-violet but the format remains the same. Maybe we are less beautiful and less angry but stronger and wiser, or at least I hope so. And I may come back to the same theme in another ten years.”
Ivana Lomová (1959) is a Czech artist in the field of existential figurative painting, illustration and screenplay. She lives and works in Prague. www.lomova.com

Exhibition review at ČT24