13. 9. – 25. 10. 2011

“I would like to view photographs of Jitka Horázná all around the day. Her pictures are getting us somewhere between dream and reality, to places where we have already been or where we would like to go, if we only knew the way back. These images seem to come from some mysterious picture book, well known, thousand times browsed. We faintly remember those feelings we had then. Such memories are deposited deeply, yet we are not able to recall what book it actually was. Jitka Horázná views the world at the same time with desire and timidity what allows her to create visual riddles, colourful plays or imaginative reality which sometimes seems to be present here and then disappearing again like an underground river. Her pictures are full of mystery and magic, yet her themes seem to be perhaps almost banal. At the first sight, her cycle “Sunday afternoon” is only about those days or times when people relax, just wading in the sea or skating on ice, riding on bike or sailing with a yacht, viewing an exhibition or watching birds. We can see a girl walking through a park covered by snow, other people strolling through a distant plain, happy to be together. No big events, yet her pictures still look dramatically. She ignores perfect contemporary photographic techniques, while enjoying colourful crossovers, ostensible casual carelessness in her panorama compositions, short cuts, apparent passion for images; this all belongs to her toolbox. “Imageries” of Jitka Horázná got under my skin. I will seek them in my memory, like all those snatches of conversation and warm blows of wind, tinkling ice-cold glasses with wine, lost pieces of my childhood, anywhere, anytime, in a Sunday afternoon…”(by Libuše Jarcovjáková.)
Jitka Horázná (*1982), Czech photographer, graduated at FAMU Praha and ITF Opava. She was awarded 2nd prize at the photographic show FRAME.