cover photo exhibition by Jolana Havelkova


opening: 5. 10. 2021 | exhibition: 6. 10. – 11. 11. 2021

Jolana Havelkova‘s works presented at Fotografic have a predominantly form of a diary. Some of the works relate directly to the surroundings of the gallery – her paths lead mainly to the city center, to Vltava river, to places where she records traces of stories that are the imprint of her experience. From the introspective mosaic of recorded events and situations, we gain insight into the personal mythology of the artist’s space, which is filled with a sincere effort to understand the turning points of various periods of her life, but also the celebration of unique moments (Call to the Forest and Walks projects). In some works, the line of her direction is obvious, in others, the meanings are hidden behind the layers of partial images or in the text. The perception and experience of individual moments, and their urgency, change over time in the view of one‘s personal history. The photograph called Chaos II is a reminder that we are part of something much bigger. The sight of the Earth amazes us. We live here somewhere. With our (big and small) stories, which in a broader context can be greatly relativized. An audio sequence related to Jolana‘s work Vltava prepared by the Czech / Swiss experimental artist Quido Sen (*1948) is also part of the installation.
Jolana Havelková (*1966) is a photographer and visual artist. She graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava. Her work includes conceptual, experimental, and site-specific projects. She has exhibited in many important Czech and international institutions. /