9. 5. – 18. 6. 2017

“Julie has decided to experiment with ‘disquieting of time’. Memories are often the only remaining bits of truly private information available from our individual pasts. These pieces of the ‘genuine & subconsciously preserved past’ perpetually re-enter the mind from the future and thus continue to inde nitely pulsate in ‘the present’. This process resembles a big circle constantly being struck by incoming events as well as those of extrinsic surroundings. Time-lapse documentaries are not a novelty. It is possible, though, to embrace a traditional form of recording in one’s own way. Julie concentrates on simple themes; she participates in the lives of her beloved ones. It is participation on the backdrop of solitude, which is the basis of any relationship.
A window is an eye for both ‘being seen’ as well as ‘seeing something’. As an opening, a window reveals the landscape of the world and, as a closure, it preserves one’s solitude. We see only what we are able to see and other things remain unspoken, hidden and enigmatic. We desire to speak to that mysterious something again and again being strengthened by our cognition and our exacerbated sensitivities. We seek our own face composed of variations of others. Private stories of time, space and solitude – those are Julie’s experiments.” Jana Máchalová.
Julie Štybnarová (1976) graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at VSE, Prague and the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University, Opava. Her photographs have been shown at individual and group exhibitions in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.