12. 5. – 21. 6. 2015

In the circles of the orbits, in the rhythm of years, months and days, we get used to the order which remains unrecognised. During the day, we face the impression that we’re able to grasp the reality, to sense, to know, to be convinced that what we see is not deceptive. Nightfall bewilders us, seduces us into blindness, into giving up the desire to look deeper. And yet, it’s in the darkness that things are born and die; it’s in the night that the heavenly signs are brought out, according to which man has directed his steps for thousands of years. Darkness is only a lack of light. If we surpass our limitations and take a look around, we can see the enchanting colours and shapes that have stopped in the midnight calmness. These are the remnants of light, one four-hundred-thousandth of the day’s sunshine. Photographs that denied the darkness. To experience the possibility of making the invisible visible. The landscape and man in the unseen, yet real light. All photographs in this series were taken at night, using only the moonlight and medium format film material.
Kristyna Erbenová (1987), belongs to the youngest generation of photographers with international success. Currently student of the master’s program at the ITF Silesian University in Opava, she also graduated in Film Studies and English Philology at Palacky University in Olomouc. Photos of Kristyna are symptomatic of an extraordinary sense of melancholy and perfect technical execution (classical square photographic material). She has participated in numerous photographic exhibitions and festivals at home and abroad and her work has been positively reflected by press and media.