2. 11. – 4. 12. 2011

“Juliana Křížová and Jakub Vlček have decided to focus their attention on the internal disposition of young people at the threshold of adulthood which are under the influence of often contradictory external circumstances. The cycle Transcendence (2009) analyses and uncovers just this specific period during which we look back and evaluate seriously our past for the first time in our life, while wishing to find ourselves and our further prospects. Seeming misapprehension, disenchantment, social isolation and other similar forms of mental confusion are almost self-evident parts of such mental condition. Although it must have been very difficult to withdraw for a while from such feelings and try to consider apparent life’s vacuum objectively, these two young people have created an impressive photographic cycle in which they really managed the above mentioned challenges.” Mgr. Anna Vartecká, Ph.D.
Juliana Křížová (1986) and Jakub Vlček (1982), both graduates of Atelier of Promotional Photography (Faculty of Art and Design, University of J. E. Purkyně at Ústí nad Labem). Double winners of the competition Young?Creative?Chevrolet!, they have also gained 2nd rank in the competition Frame 009, have been nominated for the Czech Grand Design Prize, advanced in the final part of the competition Imagine, exhibited their photos at the Grand Prix PhotoFestival Lodz, Poland. Currently they live and work in Prague.