30. 11. – 30. 12. 2018

The Turkey mixture R.I.P. art collective presents unique interactive installations combining mass media and traditional Czech pub games. Trivial situations are made complicated by transparent cards and large TV screens which serve as the game table. The observer’s tendency to concentrate on the game is thereby challenged by vast quantities of unwanted information. Are we actually capable of consciously influencing our perceptions of mass media and subliminal advertising? And if so, do we actually want to try to affect this change in thinking at all? What would we do if we could truly express our emotions towards the mass media? Are we simply going to hold back or will we ever express ourselves honestly even if with the associated cost of inevitable destruction? Do we really want to succeed in these mass media gladiator games?

Ivana Zochova, Robin Seidl, Josef Schorm and Josef Málek as guest member formed the Turkey mixture R.I.P. art collective at Studio of Performance led by Jiří Kovanda at FUD UJEP in Usti nad Labem. Founded in 2017, it has often employed post-conceptual strategies complemented by game elements as well as ‘principles of playfulness’. These approaches simultaneously deliver to the audience feelings of relaxation and uncertainty.