7. 9. – 21. 10. 2018

“I page through my life. I enter empty rooms and see empty beds. I see rooms full of strange things, beds in which strange people sleep. Foreign rooms in foreign cities. Temporary homes, hotels, sleeping quarters… Beds in which I felt good. Or sometimes not. I don’t remember where it was, who was there with me. All that remains is an image. Images.” Libuše Jarcovjáková
The underground author of many literary and photographic diaries in the 1980s, describes herself as follows: “I am a photographer and a teacher of photography. As I pass through various landscapes, wondrous strange images emerge. I have indulged in out-of-the-ordinary life experiences. I have become a part of different social groups – probably because of my empathy – which is an important part of my personality and gives me an endless source of visual stories to tell. I took volumes of images which turned out to be a kind of continuous subjective documentary with an apparent autobiographical impact.”
Libuše Jarcovjáková (* 1952, FAMU) will present her so far unpublished project Kimochi: Beds and Rooms in Fotografic in the form of large-format projection, which, despite its random structure, features elements of a unique time-lapse documentary. The projection will be complemented by unique musical experiments by Jakub Kudlac, Czech film and theater music composer currently teaching at Prague’s FAMU as well.

The exhibition was part of Fotograf Festival.

 Interview for Radio Wave / B-Movie film program / Guided tour with the artist