6. 5. – 5. 6. 2010

“Places reflect some parts of ourselves, they are clues leading to stories, secrets, banalities.” Václav Cílek
Lina Németh presents photographs that can be both solitaires, living their own lives as paintings, and parts of certain ensemble interlinked by their perspective, rather than by what we really see in them. The author intuitively extracts internally related themes from the scene and only later she gradually makes an ensemble, using the method of spatio-temporal collection. Her anthology reveals her personality, or “her great partiality for which the photographs must have been taken”. Lina Németh is attracted by places as if in decline, very often with a touch of banality or bizarreness. She explores almost always the borderline between the nature and a city, or at least human interference with nature, sometimes like anticipating possible events. The author takes fully and in no hurry her delight in wandering – through her internal or external landscapes. She presses the release button only when she feels somehow very deeply associated with what is around her, when her feeling is close to “open-eyed dreaming”.
Lina Németh (1980), Czech photographer, lives and works in Prague.