OPENING: 23. 5. 2023 AT 7PM
EXHIBITION: 24. 5. – 24. 6. 2023

A soccer field on a steep slope, a tower of pallets desperately supporting a collapsing roof, a burning man, or a giant rock in the middle of a car hood. The Provisional Arrangement project deals with subtle situations that contain an element of uncertainty and mystery. It captures the breakdown of permanence into temporary and provisional moments in time and space and maps out a psychogeography of contemporary uncertainty and stagnation. The strangely calm and at the same time disturbing scenes are deliberately presented without any explanation, connection, or location. This lack of certainty spills over into the images. There is always a missing bit in the pictures – some sort of secret, something unspoken – which invites the audience to fill this gap and create their own story of the image.
“Temporariness is slipping out of our hands, we are fighting against endless variations of disintegration and the void left behind by the abandoned old dogmas. We find ourselves in a complex world without a sense of permanence and security.” Martin Kollár
Martin Kollár (*1971) is a renowned Slovak photographer, cameraman, and director. He graduated from the Department of Cinematography and Photography at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava. He received many awards for his work (the Prix Elysée in Lausanne, 2015, among others). His works are presented at exhibitions worldwide, e.g. Brooklyn Museum, Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, La Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, or Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.