2. 10. – 12. 11. 2012

Home alone… tee dam taradeedam, teedam taradeedam…looking from the window…my daughter is a kayak and I am an Eskimo…water all around…Karolína is an artistic soul, emotional enough and smart…often home alone…I know it myself…a cub…everyone knows where it leads us…home alone…tee dam tap tara…I used to have my breakfast with “Home alone”; Kája was still a kid then…often home alone…and looking over, heaps of wood were always there, getting slowly a fantastic shape as time passes away…an old stepladder used as a quadrupod for cauldron above a fire – it is a novelty anyway and I am proud of this sculpture…a monk in the cauldron – do you know that?… bushmen cook a Buddhistic monk and he is laughing all around… guys do not know what to do so they call in a chief and he comes and asks the monk why he is laughing and the monk replies still laughing: “I’ve just taken a shit into your soup…” Kája now bicycles around Berlin, absorbing the German capital – sein mutterstadt… we may display a dozen pictures, half and half…maybe more…my half will possibly include all newly pictured heaps of Limuzy and a cauldron with a monk…Kája will radiate youthfulness, strong energy and consent to life…I will add something to those heaps, some birds or ghosts…dear readers, it is so easy to talk about pictures but these are behind words in principle and therefore it is “necessary to see” as a “home alone”, necessary to live through… the soul is always left behind, we all are home alone…in this or other way – I am looking forward to my exhibition with my daughter…
Martin Mainer, Limuzy, August 2012 |