29. 3. – 29. 4. 2011

How are photographs from magazines’ Lifestyle pages viewed when torn out of their usual context. This is one of the primary questions asked in this exhibit, a question that is all the more relevant as the magazine industry is facing doubts over its very survival, while images continue to proliferate over the web. The images being exhibited by the photography students at FAMU call into question the very idea of the Lifestyle category and what it includes and doesn’t include through a varied range of photographs including landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and surrealist compositions. The limits and definition of fashion photography is brought into question as well.

The concept of the exhibition was created by Míra Hárovník ( Many thanks to Štěpánka Stein for help with organizing the show. The show has been organized as a part of curators‘ exhibitions of Prague Photo Festival 2011.

Artists: Adéla Vosičková, Albert Grondahl, Eliška Šárková, Klára Žitňanská, Ludmila Kadlecová, Marcel Stecker, Michaela Čejková, Michal Adamovský, Michal Czanderle, Nikola Ivanov, Tereza Havlínková