12. 8. – 20. 9. 2015

At Fotografic Miro Švolík presents his work made by photographic collage and montage (Flowers of Delight, From Birth to Death, Big Woman Little Man). This particularity of photographic medium enables him to compose an internal parallel world and transform it into a real one. In this way, he continues in photographic experiments which originated in the Slovak new wave in eighties, when a group of young Slovaks brought a new freedom of action, joy of creation, purity of casualness and positivity into the Czechoslovak photography. In his work, he combines art elements to express various meanings, actions and situations associated with modern society. In his photographic stories about women and men, he displays playfulness arising from the heritage of Poetism and dada art. Geographically, his work is deeply rooted in the Central Europe. This is perhaps why it exceeds borders and reaches people not only in his home country but also anywhere else.
Miro Švolík (1960, Zlaté Moravce), graduated from FAMU (1981-87), he lives and works in Prague. www.mirosvolik.cz

Exhibition report by Czech television