5. 8. – 9. 9. 2014

The study of humans and their behavior in their natural or artificial environment, or, in other words, the extrospection (as opposed to introspection), is a routine method from the field of psychology which results in an objective and comprehensive description of observed person. This method should be applied purposefully in accordance with predefined criteria and respective observer should record just facts and not his/her speculations. In his actual collection of drawings, Ondřej Roubík goes further through this process transformed into art context by presenting realistic features in his portraits what has been typical for him long since. In his bigger and medium format drawings he intensifies his exploration of reality and stories of specific persons, in particular in their psychological levels. He observes all objects of his interest from the closest proximity and interferes in the arrangement of space where he presents human individuals, all that with his symptomatic empathy. He is more expressive than ever, as he presents his figures in even more intimate positions and much more realistic environment. In comparison with his paintings, where he depicts the reality through more magic, surrealistic or literary optics, the author now follows the way of more factual and systematical observation.
Ondrej Roubik (1988), AVU Prague and The Prince’s Drawing School, London. His new seriesof portraits, made exclusively using natural charcoal technique, was created in direct relation to the studies of classical drawing at the Prince’s Drawing School in London, where he studied during his year long scholarship.