24. 10. – 25. 11. 2018

Stefan Bircheneder’s large-format hyperrealistic oil paintings comprise detailed visual studies of industrial ruins, factory halls as well as abandoned industrial workplaces. With photographic precision, he is able to capture the past and the present of dilapidated brownfields and thereby poses the questions as to what their futures might entail. In the Fotografic Gallery’s exhibition project, Bircheneder draws attention to the abandoned private universe of factory workers. The presence of the employees can be seen from the inconspicuous marks placed over time in the effort to personalize the uniform space. The absence of a figurative element in this case replaces the obligatory remaining material artefacts: wardrobes, chairs, tables, files. Bircheneder strives for a truly faithful transfer of a unique atmosphere. His use of authentic installations together with his hyperrealistic paintings will be parts of Fotografic exhibition as well.
Stefan Bircheneder (*1974) is a German painter, having studied restoration and church painting. He lives and works in Bavaria.