29. 10. – 7. 12. 2013

Photographs of Štěpán Grygar represent an important part of the Czech art scenery. His works from the mid 70-ties were ranged to the Czech photographic visualism; during the 80-ties he worked himself out to the synthesis of conceptual approach and reflection or analysis of photographic medium. The Grygar’s work relates to late modernism and represents a possible position from the point of view of many post-conceptual tendencies of the Czech photography stimulated by minimalism and conceptualism. His works from recent years are characterized by a noticeable tendency towards the use of color photography; his bright surfaces and bold color schemes become important expressive elements. Grygar has a fancy for matter-of-factness which he prefers when viewing the current world and deliberately disturbing acquired ways of perception. The exhibition Photographic Records presents recent works of Štěpán Grygar. Three sets of color photographs are characterized by different approaches. A documentary method of records is combined with stage-managed photography; however, it is difficult to distinguish between them in Grygar’s presentation. His bold use of color stylization and his compositional perfection do not diminish the strong impression of authenticity.
Štěpán Grygar has presented his works in more than 40 independent exhibitions, among others in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Munich, London or Houston. His photographs are present in many prestigious art collections both in his home country and abroad. He is a member of the Association of Professional Photographers and currently he heads a studio at the Department of Photography at FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).