3. 6. – 1. 7. 2011

Since the mid eighties Thomas Brenner stage-manages the „reality“ in front of the camera. His pictures tell stories which are compressed in their operation procedure to a point of culmination. Therein he respects conditions and relationships likewise, forming a picture in a legible constellation. He moves the accustomed attitude as he breaks the „reality to be pictured“, ironically and sometimes biting. His photographic details create a stage on which he arranges his spectacle with actors and requisites. Like in a theatre poses and costumes as well as the light plays the essential role. Light and colors often are the transforming means for his photographic artwork.
„In my artworks I often keep myself busy with food, it’s meaning for human beings and society. I began to work on my „Bread and Games“ project in March 2004. Bread as the worldwide most important staple food as well as its importance to traditions, religions and cultures inspired me to express my personal point of view. Photographic productions often look upon various objects from different points of view. Having that in mind, my „baguettes“ can easily change into wood, swords and other symbols. The surrealistic impression is intensified by the artificial lighting. All productions have been created without installations or retouching.“