20. 9. – 13. 11. 2016

“I found them… those passages… over there inside the zone… gateways to some other dimension. They are visible only from certain angles. You must concentrate to discover them. Traditional relations between time and space count no more at those places. Time slows down there, space becomes distorted, you can feel a concentration of energy, which either collapses into the gateways, or gushes out of them. Those places are really strange.”
Tomas Chadim (1973) is a representative of contemporary progressive landscape photography. Nostalgic tendencies in photography are strange for him though. Instead, he plays with photography by using digital manipulations, making collages, flipping. Anyway, the outcomes are (in most cases) realistic scenes, which invite us to accede to his game and to become part of the displayed scene.
Nevertheless, in his case, it is not a self-serving manipulation. He always thinks twice so that the final result is an intelligent and visually interesting landscape photography.
Tomas Chadim graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. He exhibited his projects in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Poland, France, Russia, Brazil, England, Serbia and Hungary. He lives and works in Prague.

Czech television exhibition report