5. 8. – 20. 9. 2009

The cycle Hyperreality by Věra Stuchelová deals with the incompleteness and fragmentation of space, story or time. Ordinary, intentionally trivial places or still-life environments are shown in a hyper-realistic way. Banality and everyday life is multiplied by such an unusual photographic presentation. Fragmentation of views on parts of reality composes a mozaic of familiar stories and places, viewed in a new, unusual way. It creates questions like who am I, how my environment characterises me.. Am I seen or am I invisible woman, hidden behind many details and ritualized acts (dish washing, cooking, child care..). It is not a story though, these are point out objects, „more real than reality“, as independent structures in space. www.verastuchelova.cz

Exhibition review at ČT24