European Experimental Animation


A subjective anthology of experimental animation films

by Antonin De Bemels


  1. PAUVRE HISTOIRE PAUVRE by Carl Roosens (2011, 3’19“)
  2. VOM VERSCHWINDEN (HOW TO DISAPPEAR) by Merlin Flügel (2011, 2’57“)
  3. STAY HOME by Caleb Wood (2011, 5’37“)
  4. PAUVRE HISTOIRE PAUVRE by Carl Roosens (2011, 1’15“)
  5. ECHO by Merlin Flügel (2012, 4’49“)
  6. MORRIS AND THE OTHER by Edwin Rostron (2007, 3’59“)
  7. THE EMPEROR’S STUFF BOX by Raquel Meyers (2008, 5’16“)
  8. PAUVRE HISTOIRE PAUVRE by Carl Roosens (2012, 4’14“)
  9. THE NEST BOX by Yannick Lecoeur (2011, 2’21“)
  10. VELOCITY by Karolina Glusiec (2012, 5’53“)
  11. SEA OF ROOFS by Antonin De Bemels (2011, 5’00“)
  12. PERIPHERIE by Merlin Flügel (2012, 2’55“)
  13. KIJÉ by Joanna Lorho (2014, 9’25“)
  14. PAUVRE HISTOIRE PAUVRE by Carl Roosens (2011, 3’40“)


About the artists


A friend from Brussels, who attended the same art school (Erg) as me, but not at the same time. He writes a lot, makes a lot of music with his various bands (mainly « Carl et les hommes-boîtes » and « Facteur Cheval »), draws a lot, and makes a lot of animation films and music videos (sometimes in collaboration with his talented girlfriend Noémie Marsily).
NB : I was a fan before becoming his friend.





– 1987 born in Naila, Deutschland.
– since 2008 studies at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany
– 2012 Intern at Studio FILM BILDER (Andreas Hykade), Germany





« Caleb Wood is an animation artist. He is most interested in the dynamism of the mundane and overlooked, abstract, and all things moving. He incorporates several different mediums in his work, and aims to expand upon the possibilities of animation. »





« I live and work in London. I studied Animation at the Royal College of Art (2006-08). I have been making films since 1997. I also write a blog featuring interviews with fellow experimental animators such as Karolina Glusiec, Jim Trainor and Amy Lockhart, exploring the ideas and processes behind their work. »





« My name is Raquel Meyers and I’m a spanish artist based in Sweden.
I define my practice as keyboardslöjd (drawing/crafting by typing). My background is photography, performance, installations, video, animation, web and graphic design.

I’m interested in the mix of traditional techniques like embroidery (work-table) and old technologies from the 1970s and 1980s, like the early home computers (Commodore 64) and Teletext (Text-Tv). Both shared the grid as a framework and text characters as instructions, who becomes the essential language in my work. »





This one is a hyper-active Jack of all trades (see also: dabbler, amateur) : he’s by turns a comic books writer, an illustrator, an animation films director and a musician, with his « cartoon-core » band Princesse Rotative (3 records and more than 120 shows in France and abroad…)…




 « I draw. I always was, I think. It was always important for me to draw. I would like to draw as long as I will be able to do drawing. »




That’s me ! I make experimental short films since the very end of the last century. I also design video backgrounds and soundscapes for theatre and dance shows. And with my imaginary friend Bonhomme Daniel, I draw and produce various artistic objects including sculptures, installations, paintings and… T-shirts.




She’s French but adopted Brussels as her home base. She’s an illustrator, animation films director and musician (with her melancholic and beautiful project Forest Bath). She also carefully composed the music of her short film « Kijé ».