Martin Fojtek, Cristian del Risco – DREAMLESS (2004)

Dreamless show has two parts – first part is a common project of Cristian Del Risco and Martin Fojtek whereas five portraits 95x95cm giclée printed on canvas are made by Martin Fojtek and are hand finished by acrylic paint by Cristian Del Risco, which makes each and every photograph a real original. Both artists worked independently on those and were very little influenced by each other. The final look resulted though in a very interesting combination of minimalistic black and white portraits (two Arabic, Belgian, Italian and Czech personalities, all with particular emotional expression) and colored acrylic „Basquiat“ style paintings. Second part of the show consists of 8 colored photographs 95x95cm by Martin Fojtek, showing remote parts of Sinai, sea surfaces or minimalist technical objects, all expressing remotedness, infinity and lonelyness. Except „Inge” and “Fiorella” all photographs are taken in 2004.

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