15. 5. – 16. 6. 2019

The first photograph of the Back Seats series was conceived and ultimately came into being in Bucharest, Romania. This collection of randomly emerging and equally fleeting automobile back seat still lifes, evokes the halting quality of time and space relationships amidst the all-pervasive noise of various European cities. The series combines capturing an all-embracing transience and all the while embraces the willingness and ability to truly find beauty anywhere: for instance on the back seat of a Romanian sedan.„The items on the seats tell us something about someone’s previous movement, a short episode that is hidden from me. It can be completely banal and at the same time quite strange, perhaps mysterious. I like to imagine what preceded this or that constellation without having a chance to know much about it.“ A. Jakš
Aňa Jakš (*1988), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of Conceptual Art – School of Miloš Šejn and Printmaking Studio – School of Jiří Lindovský). In her photographic work she often reveals places and situations where life and events seem to stop – the notion of place in which nothing is present and nothing happens. Broken shop windows, discarded fountains, off season gardening colonies. Places where there is some kind of timelessness, break, pause in movement, calmness and unsaid feeling – much like those in car back seats. Aňa lives and works in Prague. www.anajaks.cz

Interview for Mozaika CRo Vltava