Miguel Rozas video preview


opening: 29. 6. 2023
exhibition: 30. 6. – 12. 8. 2023 / entry voluntary

Much has already been written about the problem of visual and information overload brought to us by the Internet. It can be perceived as a necessary evil of a brilliant invention or as a numbing danger. But for some, it can be a never-ending source of inspiration. The American artist Dina Kelberman is one of those. Much of her work originates from her tendency to meticulously, even obsessively, collect and organize ordinary internet images from everyday life. The emphasized multiplied banality then creates new meanings, aesthetics and offers a lot of space for own associations.

As part of a solo exhibition in our “moving image space”, we will present her desktop performance titled “This Fan May Not Be Replaced You Just Don’t Know The Future”, which shows a “landscape of fascinating boredom” composed of found YouTube videos. Here, Kelberman creates an online symphony in real time and casually raises many questions about the current era and internet culture.

Dina Kelberman (*1979) is a multimedia artist living in Los Angeles, CA, USA. She has created original web works for the New Museum and The Marina Abramovic Institute and has exhibited around the world. Her work has been mentioned in various books on the history of contemporary art. www.dinakelberman.com

Our 2022 exhibition program is supported by grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the State Culture Fund, HMP and MČP1. Thank you!