11. 9. – 15. 10. 2014

A critical contemplation on shallowness of passion and beauty as well as consumerist way of life becomes the central motive of the photographs by Katarína Támová and Eliška Kyselková. Series inspired by paintings of Monica Cook refers to the topic of consumerism in today’s world. The theme of ancient bacchanalias is connected with allusion to baroque still life vanitas, where the emptiness, ephemerality, destruction and death are the formal and ideological outcome. The photographs are kind of metaphor to the vices of modern society: alienated, narcissistic, without relationships or a real interest in life, longing only for material matters. Almost every picture hides the element of modern times and the emptiness hidden behind the artificial tinsel. The world on the edge of a possible form of destruction, decay or search for one’s own identity.
Katarína Támová (*1990) a Eliška Kyselková (*1990) are young artists which met while studying at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. They both have had many exhibitions and publications and their series Homage to Monica Cook was presented at OFF festival in Bratislava. Katarina has just finished her internship in Ireland in the studio of the famous photographer Perry Ogden and has been continuing her master studies in Zlin. Eliska has been studying in London at prestigious University of the Arts. katarinatamova.tumblr.com