PLAN 9 2008 film festival poster

PLAN 9 | 2008 | experimental film festival


Plan 9 is a projection cycle that tries to reach a wide audience. The concept of the alternative and the experimental is so inclusive as to permit us to include a wide range of works, selected in all these cases on the basis of criteria of quality, art and personality of the author. Each encounter is divided in a conceptual way (retrospectives, documentary films, short films, multimedia, etc.) and is accompanied with discussions with the authors or the protagonists of the works.The encounters will take place every Tuesday of November and the first Tuesday of December, beginning 7 p.m. and will be accompanied with good music before and after the projections.

ÚT 04/11/08 19.00 SHORT FILMS (1)
All the films grouped here have in common that they are neither independent films nor video art; all of them integrate images, sounds and concepts, producing audiovisual pieces of great originality. J. K. Musser (USA), Vanessa Woods (USA), Daniel Hopkins (UK), Antonín Kratochvíl (CZ/USA). *

ÚT 11/11/08 19.00 SHORT FILMS (2)
Independent audiovisual pieces in which the filmmakers selected consider themes ranging from the public to the private, from music video to experimental films. Markéta Bendová (CZ), Dimitri Kruglov (CZ), Silvia Sbordoni (IT) and others…

A selection of pieces by different filmmakers, graduates or students of FAMU, in which the documentary acquires atypical forms without sacrificing narrative continuity or interesting subject matter. Marika Pecháčková, Petr Hátle, Jan V. Sacher and others. **

A different approach to photography. The photographer himself doesn’t know till the last moment. This renowned photographer will present an unpublished work, projecting of several series of slides combined with music, all controlled in real time.

ÚT 02/12/08 19.00 PHILLIP BARKER (CAN)
A presentation of short films by this talented Canadian artist. His work is full of visual poetry and is characterized by stories developed in alternative ways, as well as a very personal usage of images – on the whole, a very original and personal style.

**some films are only in English, without Czech subtitles
** some films are only in Czech, without subtitles

entrance 50 Kč, good wine available during screenings