OPENING: 4. 4. 2024 OD 19H
EXHIBITION: 5. 4. – 25. 5. 2024

An old outdoor cinema, an abandoned magnesite mine. Past, present, and imagined future captured in precise black and white enlargements by Rudo Prekop, a renowned Czech/Slovak photographer. Prekop’s work primarily revolves around black and white photography, manifested in a comprehensive conceptual series. He has dedicated himself to detailed studies encompassing figure, portraiture, still life, records of reality, light, photograms, and time-lapse photography. And it is his two time-lapse photography projects, not yet shown in Prague, which are the main focus of his current exhibition.
In the Amphitheatre series, for two decades, Prekop meticulously documented the gradual decay of the outdoor cinema in Andrássi Park, Trebišov. Alongside physical degradation, he observed the fading of universally relatable childhood memories. In his second project, he explored the evolving landscape surrounding the former magnesite mine in Košice. Each series is accompanied by a singular photograph depicting the current state of the respective locations, thus introducing an additional layer to the project, prompting contemplation on the continuous metamorphosis of our surrounding environment.
Born in 1959, Rudo Prekop studied at FAMU, where he also has served as the head of the Imaginative Photography Studio for over two decades. He is a prominent figure in the Slovak New Wave movement which revitalized Czechoslovak photography in the 1980s, alongside other notable authors such as Vasil Stanko, Tono Stano, Kamil Varga, Miro Švolík, Peter Župník, Ján Pavlík, and Martin Štrba. With over 50 solo exhibitions worldwide and participation in more than 200 group exhibitions and projects, Prekop’s work has earned its place in numerous significant public and private collections.