Viktor Fischer a Alena Dvořáková, Martin Marenčin, Evžen Sobek, Karel Tůma

13. 10. – 25. 11. 2009

CHOICE CHOICE presents rather unconventional portfolio of „documentary“ photographs which shows the world of classical photographic documents mingled with the manipulated reality of today’s world.
The independent picture agency CHOICEimages was established by a group of photographers from Czechia, Slovakia and Poland in 2006; they strive to bring independent pictorial testimony in particular from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. A moment of inspiration for the establishment of the agency CHOICEimages represented the meeting of a group of photojournalists at the photographic workshop “Choice – Credit Suisse Masterclass for Photojournalists from Central and Eastern Europe”. The agency puts emphasis especially on the free choice of photographic themes, provides enough space for the application of individual creative approaches of their members and cares about the high quality and independence of their projects which win recognition by their original vision and engagement in problems. CHOICEimages thus creates a platform for the communication with mass media, journals, publishing houses and cultural institutions.