8. 9. – 5. 11. 2017

“In my works, I reflect my desire for an idyllic family, where its members would all love each other and feel well. This way, I go through situations that inspire me and open new life perspectives. Hence, photography becomes a form of therapy for me. In my series, Bitch in Heat, I feel an intimacy with my mum, daughters, Ida and Ela, dogs Baron and Zoly, Cuca and Nuna, as I do with our guinea pig, Kulik and hamster, Bobecek. I am under impression that certain images and feelings continue to recur. I am slightly over forty, my daughters will be grown soon and I am fighting with a midlife crisis.” Dita Pepe.
Formally, the series is a family archive. The photos were taken by Dita’s father, as well as her husband Petr Hrubes, father of her two daughters, and herself. Some objects, such as a clump of their dog hair or a collection of Ida’s glasses, demonstrate the desire to preserve certain moments forever.
Dita Pepe (1973) has completed her studies of photography at ITF FPF at Silesian University where she is teaching now. Since 1999 she has been working on her extensive project “Self-portraits”, which begins with self-portraits with women, and continues with self-portraits with men and families. At present she is working again with Bara Baron on an international project about women. Apart from Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and Japan, she also exhibited in Bozar, Brussels (2015), where she participated at “European Photographic Portrait” project. www.ditapepe.cz

Czech television report / Interview – Czech radio Vltava