6. 12. 2010 – 9. 1. 2011

„What is the motivation for people to spend their time at the lakeside of the reservoir in the southeastern tip of the Czech Republic? Why do they set up their second home in an environment whose magic (with the exception of the constant fluidity of the water areas) exhausts itself during several moves, and with the high probability that it will be uninspiring as a location for an eco-colony? We could probably only get an accurate answer from an orthodox lover of fishing. But what leads the other members of the community (husbands and wives, children, relatives, friends) or holidaymakers to voluntarily spend a weekend or even a year-round stay in this environment? Is it the longing for meditation in the country? What are the compensations for the inhabitant of this caravan ghetto or the uncozy campsite? Is it the necessity of establishing informal contacts in a romantic environment? Perhaps here they are able to quench the desire for life in a community which the city can no longer offer. The answer could be given by the residents of these domestic caravans but the question is whether they know the answer themselves…“ Jiří Siostrzonek. Evžen Sobek (1967) is Czech photographer, member of Choice Images Agency. In 2005 he became a founding member of Frame, international photo competition. He had his shows in the Czech Republic, Austria, Izrael and Japan.