OPENING: 21. 2. 2023 OD 19H
EXHIBITION: 22. 2. – 8. 4. 2023

Food, body, home. Indifference, decline, danger. In Tereza Jobová’s photographic series, the motifs of food, physicality or home do not take the form of well-known stable constants. They appear rather as something unstable, uncertain, constantly changing and defying. Food loses its tasty aura and becomes a cold depersonalized object, the body is a platform of uncontrollable decay, and we see the home as an alienated space where nothing works as it should.
With sincere interest and dark humor, Tereza explores the materiality, inner essence and possible contextuality of individual elements and objects and updates the genre of the classical still life. She conceives it dynamically, experimentally and explores its boundaries. Her still lifes do not appear safe or peaceful, but on the contrary they disturb, unsettle, pose obstacles and roar aggressively. They break our automatic associations and encourage an expanded perception of reality.
Tereza Jobová (*1997) graduated from the Lukáš Jasanský Studio of Photography at the FUD UJEP in Ústí nad Labem and is now continuing her master’s studies there. So far, she has participated in many group exhibitions in the Czech Republic.

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