Jiri Zak Czech ASMR invitation image


opening: 25. 11. 2021
exhibition: 26. 11. – 29. 1. 2022 / entry voluntary

Srdečně zveme na dvě vernisáže do Galerie Fotografic. Kromě výstavy Jakuba Rajnocha v hlavním prostoru představíme ve čtvrtek 25. 11. od 19h také videoartový projekt Jiřího Žáka „Czech ASMR“.

In the “Czech ASMR” project, Jiří Žák subversively uses the phenomenon of ASMR videos, which, with the help of suggestive sound and image, serve to evoke pleasant feelings or reduce stress. However, Jiří Žák “infected” this genre with political information. He founded his own YouTube channel, where he posted several videos in which, for example, the female performer strokes and taps a world atlas while showing the countries of the Middle East and Africa to which the Czech Republic exports weapons. As she does this, she whispers citations from the annual report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade – information that viewers would otherwise not be interested in and that would never keep their attention. The combination of sensually pleasing, or even exciting form and very disturbing content thus creates exceptionally functional critical work.
Jiří Žák (*1989, Zlín) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of Intermedia Work III/Tomáš Vaněk School). He went to study stays at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, the Studio of the Visiting Artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and the University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe. He works primarily in the media of the moving image and video installation and exhibits his projects in major Czech and foreign institutions. He is also active in the Studio without a Master or works for Artyčok TV. www.jirizak.com